Vaping vs Smoking Weed

In this article, we have decided to do the ultimate vaping vs smoking weed comparison. We wanted to put them head to head to see which one is the superior method to enjoy your cannabis products. There has always been a big debate between those who smoke their weed and those who vape over the superiority of their chosen smoking method. Do you prefer the classic joint or the innovative new vape pen? We thought about this question long and hard. So we went and broke down the main differences between vaping and smoking weed, the cost, and many other aspects of both.

What’s the difference?

Smoking is the use of dried marijuana plant parts or concentrates (kief or hash). To smoke the dried marijuana plant, you will crush the plant in a mauler and roll it out on rolling paper. People also make use of bongs or pipes to smoke their weed and some mix it with tobacco to create a spliff.

Vaping is the use of concentrated extracts or ground dry herb. When you vape marijuana, it is always more concentrated which is can be more potent than smoking. Vaping can, therefore, be a more intense experience than smoking. You can make use of a vape pen, dry herb portable vaporizer, or a tabletop vaporizer.

Both forms have a very fast effect on the body. The effects will peak in 10 to 15 minutes after consuming the weed. Smoking a joint or bong can also create a buzz that is caused by the inhalation of some of the toxins created by the smoke.

Smoking weed

While smoking weed is much healthier than smoking a tobacco product, there are still a lot of negatives to smoking a joint or a bong. You are still smoking a dried product, dried plant material such as tobacco or weed will produce always some tar in the smoke. When you are smoking, you’re also inhaling some carcinogens and other toxins that are produced by the smoke.

Smoking weed

Combustion is the problem when smoking and not the actual cannabis itself. During the combustion process, cannabis produces a lot of sticky tar that not only is harmful to your respiratory system but is also a problem for your skin! The tar can create wrinkles and marks on your face, smoking can damage your skin cells and promotes the aging process. Cannabis has also been shown to increase respiratory systems such as smokers’ cough, wheezing, and general airway inflammation.

Smoking has a stronger effect on the body as well as the mind. This can give you a lethargic feeling that turns you into a couch potato. This might be caused by the toxins you absorb from the smoke which can give you that buzz, this mustn’t be mistaken for the high cannabis creates.

Vaping weed

Vaping weedVaping tends to give you a very different high than that of a joint or a bong rip. When you vape, it is a much cleaner high because you are not absorbing the toxins that smoking gives off. This, in turn, gives you a much more energetic and stimulated high, and therefore you don’t become a couch potato. If you smoke from the right vaporizer, the potency of your vapor will make you feel the effects of the cannabis strongly and more clearly.

There are many variants of smoking vaporizers, so it will be easy to pick which one is most suitable for you. There are portable vaporizers for those who enjoy their weed on the go and there are tabletop vaporizers for those who are serious about their smoking experience.

Harmful effects

Cannabis in itself is not harmful to smoke, the biggest risk of smoking weed is the smoke itself. When you smoke, you are combusting the dried product yourself which is harmful to your respiratory system.

Vaping doesn’t burn your weed, it heats the cannabis to a temperature below its combustion point. This converts the cannabinoids and terpenoids into vapor. This is healthier as you are not inhaling the smoke as you would from a joint or bong.

Social aspect

There is nothing better than a smoke session with your closest friends. When smoking with friends it is always more enjoyable to be passing the joint around while you are all together. A vaporizer just doesn’t have the same social aspects of everyone standing in a circle, coming up with fun games to see who can hold in their smoke until the joint comes back around, and laughing with those who just can’t hold their smoke in long enough.

The cost

If you are a heavy user, a vaporizer will end up saving you large amounts of money. In vapor, there is up to 80% more of a dense concentration of cannabinoids than in cannabis smoke. A vaporizer releases the vapor directly into your mouth therefore the vapor doesn’t dissipate in the air. A joint releases smoke that dissipates from the tip of the joint and therefore there is a wastage of cannabinoids.

The smell

The smell is probably one of the worst parts about smoking weed as it is very strong and can be smelled from a far distance. When you smoke using a vaporizer, the vaporizer dissipates much faster than from a joint, and because of this, the smell is minimal. Smoking from a joint can also leave the smell lingering on your clothes for up to a few hours or even a few days.

Discreet or not?

Once again vaping comes out on top for being discrete. Vape oil cartridges tend to give off very little smoke compared to a joint. This is beneficial for those who enjoy smoking in public without attracting too much attention. Vaping does still give off a smell but it is far less present than that of a joint.

Vaping vs Smoking Weed: The Verdict

While smoking a joint is a far more social way of enjoying cannabis products, the harmful effects it has on your lungs are far greater than if you choose to vape your cannabis. Vaping has a lot more health benefits because you are not exposed to the harmful carcinogenic that smoke from a joint or bong creates.

Vaping is clearly the far more superior way of enjoying your cannabis products. Vaping is especially better for you if you are smoke a lot of weed. This method of smoking uses less weed to get the same high than that of a joint and therefore, for this reason, it is our winner because we enjoy smoking a lot of weed.

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