The Best Indoor Grow Fans

Before you begin to start growing cannabis plants indoors, you will have to make sure that you are providing the right environment for the plants to grow in by having the best indoor grow fans for your grow room as one of the most important factors you will have to consider is the airflow in your grow room or grow tent.

Without a constant airflow in a grow room, your cannabis plant will absorb all the Co2 in the room within 2 minutes. Stagnant air brings humidity and illness to your plants which will then stop growing. It is also important to keep the temperature in the grow room at a cool  68- 77°F (20-25°C) if the plants get too hot, they will have stunted growth and won’t produce many buds.

Fans can also help with mold and fungus control as well as keeping pests out. This is because they are able to help to keep conditions within the grow room at a regulated temperature and therefore prevent any type of mold or fungus from developing in the grow room as well as pests from harming your plants. This, therefore, means you will need to have a proper fan in your grow tent accessories kit to make sure you have a world-class harvest.

There are many different types of fans for the different growers out there, we will take you through all the different kinds for you to decide which one is best for your grow room or grow tent and the number of plants you will have.

Oscillating Fans

Oscillating Fans are a great choice for those who grow their marijuana in a grow room as they will constantly blow fresh air throughout the grow room and is an inexpensive but important choice when it comes to picking a fan that can keep your room well ventilated and cool.

 Oscillating Clip Fan

A clip fan is perfect for grow tents as they are easy to use and can conveniently clip onto a bar in your grow tent. These fans are usually small but powerful and can easily be adjusted to the direction that is will optimize the airflow within your grow tent. As the fans are smaller, we would recommend using 2 fans to get the optimal airflow.

VIVOSUN Oscillating Clip Fan

We recommend the VIVOSUN Clip Fan as VIVOSUN is the go-to choice for many indoor marijuana growers looking for a grow tent accessories kit. The fan comes with a clip to conveniently clip onto a pole in your grow room and also includes a hook if you would prefer to have the fan in the middle of your grow room, hanging above your plants.

Oscillating Standing Fan

These fans are a bit more common in grow rooms as they usually include a few settings so therefore you will have total control of the airflow in your grow room. These fans are optimal when they are placed near the center of the room, on one side. If your grow room is a larger room, it is better to have 2 fans to make sure the airflow is evenly distributed.

Amazon Basics Oscillating Standing Fan

For an Oscillating Standing Fan, we recommend the one from Amazon Basics as it is a fan that is perfect for medium to large rooms. This fan includes 3 different settings to give you control of how much airflow you would prefer. The fan also comes with a remote which allows you to operate the fan from a distance.

Wall Mounted Fans

A wall-mounted fan is one of the more convenient fans you can choose for your grow room as most of them come with a remote to control it. These fans will need to be set quite high up on a wall. Make sure the fan is taller than your plants and make sure your plants don’t grow directly in line with the fan.

Wall Mounted Fan

For a wall-mounted fan, you will want one that has different speed options as well as a remote. We recommend this fan by Simple Deluxe as it includes many different speeds and multiple options to make sure you are getting the optimal amount of air flowing through your plants.

Inline Exhaust Fans

Inline fans are able to push air out or bring air in. These provide great ventilation as there should be a flow of warm air exiting the grow room and fresh air entering. You would have to have 2 fans in order to achieve both.

VIVOSUN Inline Fan

Inline fans are not necessary if you have a good ventilation system in your grow room. Ideally, you would want a ventilation system that has a constant removal of warm air and the flow of fresh air into your grow room as this makes sure your plants are growing in the best conditions possible. VIVOSUN is the standout fan of choice and a bestseller on Amazon

MultiFan Turbo Ceiling Fan

These fans are great for targeting certain areas of your grow room. These are great indoor fans as they are very powerful and don’t take up a lot of space. You can use this type of fan to target lower areas on plants as well as angled towards to ceiling or another option is to hang the fan from the ceiling, depending on your preference and the type of marijuana you are growing.

Turbo ceiling indoor grow fans

For a Turbo Fan, we would recommend the Honeywell TurboForce as it is a small fan that is a very powerful choice. This fan is a low-cost solution for those who are looking for a world-class fan while still being on a budget.

Industrial Floor Fan

These types of fans are similar to the turbo ceiling fans but they are made with very strong materials. The great thing about these fans is the many different sizes that they come in therefore there is a lot of choices on which one is best for you and your grow room size. The fans usually have 3 different speeds and are a great choice for larger grow rooms.

Industrial floor fans

We would recommend this 20″ fan as it is able to reach a larger distance and has different settings for you to choose which one will fit your grow room’s size best. This industrial fan from Lasko includes a wall mount if you are looking for a fan on your wall rather than on the ground.

Which Fan Is Right For You?

Fans are one of the biggest necessities when it comes to growing marijuana. If you are going to grow marijuana indoors, you will have to consider the space you have and decide which fan for an indoor grow room is best for you. Before you have considered getting marijuana seeds to start growing there are a few things you will have to set up.

You must make sure you have your grow tent or grow room set up which includes all that is needed in a grow kit accessories to make sure the plants will have the optimal growing environment to grow into big plants with THC-laden buds..

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