The Best Canna Nutrients on The Market

Those wanting to know how to grow high-quality marijuana. I have a big tip for you and that is it all starts in the soil! If you want to grow high-quality marijuana, you will need to invest in the highest quality canna nutrients for your seeds to flourish into beautiful marijuana plants. There are many things to look at if you are looking into buying canna nutrients, from the type of growing medium you will use to the type of environment you will be growing your plant in. Don’t worry we have you covered on everything you will need to know so you can start growing the best marijuana plants!


Watering Habits

Before you start thinking about how much nutrients your plant will need. You must consider how much water your plants will need. Without water, your soil plant will never thrive as water helps to transport the nutrients from the plant’s roots to the stems. This is often the most overlooked part of growing successfully!

Here are some tips on successful watering:

  • The top 3cm of the soil should be left dry.
  • Mix your nutrients in your water.
  • Water with pure water only once every two weeks.
  • Let 20% of the additional water drain through the bottom of your plant.



Canna Nutrients

Once you have perfected your watering techniques, you will need to consider your macro and micronutrients and which fertilizer is best for your plants in the medium you have chosen to grow the marijuana in. These elements are very important to get right as they are going to help your seed grow into full plants and produce big, healthy buds.




The macronutrients you need to consider are Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). Most potting soils are already mixed with these three elements which will help the plant for the first three weeks but as the plants grow, they will need additional nutrients. Once your plant starts developing leaves, you will need to give it a 20% balance of phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen.



Nitrogen is important for leaf growth. This macronutrient is an essential part of chlorophyll and without it, the plant won’t be able to grow. It is also part of the amino acids that act as building blocks for the proteins in a plant. Without enough nitrogen, your plant’s growth rate is reduced and the leaves will turn yellow faster. 


Phosphorus aids in producing large, healthy buds. This element helps the plant to absorb the nutrients. This also assists in building the structure of the plant as it grows from the roots to the flowers. Without enough phosphorus, your plants will show signs of undeveloped roots and might not even flower.


Potassium has several jobs that help to regulate systems that will keep your plant healthy and growing. It plays a large role in the passive regulation of water and salt concentrations in the plant. Potassium is vital for healthy plant metabolism during the flowering period. Without enough potassium, your plant’s growth rates will be slow and the leaves will turn brown and curl at the edges.



Micro Nutrients

Each one of these minerals plays an important role in your plants for many reasons. They contribute towards photosynthesis and they help with transporting nutrients around the plant. The plant needs these in smaller proportions compared to the macronutrients but they still play a pivotal role in getting the biggest and the densest buds.



Calcium a vital microelement as it is responsible for keeping the structure of cell walls in the plant. It provides strengthening of the stems and branches and helps in the formation of the root and its tip’s growth. Without calcium, the plant won’t function as it should. New growth will be stunted, the leaves will curl, and the roots won’t finalize their development.


Magnesium is important as it acts as the main stimulant in chlorophyll. This element helps to keep the leaves and the veins in the leaves, healthy. Without magnesium, no energy would be able to be converted from sunlight resulting in yellowing leaves, withering, and even the disappearance of leaves. As well if your plant has excessive levels of Magnesium you may have a Calcium deficiency and therefore you will have to be careful with the balance of Magnesium to Calcium ratios.


Boron plays an important structural role, it helps with the formation of stems and stalks as well as helps their color to develop. This element also helps with the movement of sugars and the water consumed by the cells. Without Boron, your plant’s structure can become weak and the marijuana buds can turn out disfigured. Boron deficiencies also result in Magnesium and Pottasium deficiencies.

Other Micro Nutrients

Sulfur is found in the proteins of marijuana plants and is important for their production. It also helps with the formation of chlorophyll and the growth of the plant. Without Sulfur, the plant will grow at a slower rate and have smaller deformed leaves that are round and roll upwards which will become stiff and die off.

Manganese is a vital element for the plants’ photosynthesis. Without Manganese the surface of some leaves may show white or grey spots and causes an Iron deficiency with similar symptoms.

Zinc is essential as it gives the stems, branches, stalk, and leaves of the plant strength, Without Zinc, there will be white or grey spots similar to the Manganese or Iron deficiency.




The best fertilizers will help to produce a healthy, flourishing plant. Before you consider what canna nutrients you are going to use, you will need to think of which combination of nutrients is best for your growing medium. Are you using soil, coco coir, or hydroponics? Once you have decided which growing medium is best for you, you will want to buy the products best fitted for your growing method.


Bergman’s All in 1 Fertilizer Kit

Bergman’s Fertilizers range was created specifically for all the different stages of the marijuana plant growth cycle. The great thing about using these nutrients is they include a plant booster that is going to guarantee you the most full and rich buds. Bergman also includes guides on how to use the nutrients and feeding charts.

BONUS! Buy the full range of fertilizers and get them at a discounted rate.

The Seedling fertilizer contains all the nutrients for a young plant that need that little extra to grow strong.

The Growtime fertilizer is for the plant during the vegetative stage. This stage requires you to give as many nutrients possible for your plant to grow into a strong, full plant that is capable of producing big buds.

The Florwertime fertilizer is all you will need during the flowering stage of the growth cycle as your plant will need a lot of potassium to grow dense, resin heavy buds.

To add a little edge to your plant growing, the full grow kit comes with Bergman’s Plant Booster. Add this flower stimulator during the last stages of the vegetative phase to help early flowering. This gives your flowers more time to develop into full, rich buds. It will help improve the soil, strengthening the root structure and nutrient retention therefore you will have bigger yields, and your plants will be of the highest quality.


Fox Farms 

Fox Farms Nutrients range is loved by many new growers of marijuana plants as they have different ranges suited for the different growing mediums. These trios are best for soil and coco coir mediums but contain too much organic matter for a hydroponic medium (increasing the chance of root problems). They contain a variety of natural sources for nutrients like earthworm castings and bat guano, which cannabis plants thrive on. All the organic matter is great for plants and enhances the smell and flavor of your finished product.

Fox Farms Nutrient Trio for Soil

Fox Farms Nutrients are very concentrated so therefore less is more. “Grow Big” & “Tiger Bloom” contains most of the major nutrients your cannabis plant will need and “Big Bloom” has many micronutrients and other compounds that help with nutrient uptake and help keep your roots healthy. This trio works extremely well and is loved by cannabis growers everywhere.



Fox Farms Nutrient Trio for Hydroponics + Cal-Mag

The hydro version of Fox Farms nutrient trio is best when growing in coco coir. Two bottles are the same as the Fox Farms Nutrient Trio for Soil, but the “Grow Big” bottle is formulated slightly differently. It’s always good to have extra Cal-Mag on hand as well just in case whenever growing cannabis in coco coir. Fox Farm’s Nutrients are normally excellent for preventing calcium and magnesium deficiencies, but it never hurts to have Cal-Mag around just in case.


Canna Coco

Canna Coco is another popular company for cannabis plant growers. Their canna nutrients have been specifically designed for those who want to grow their cannabis in coco coir. This company is loved by many cannabis growers and has received great reviews from many growers all over the world.

We recommend the Canna Coco A + B & Cal-Mag combination as it is a proven crowd favorite for those who grow in coco coir. Always make sure to use A + B in equal amounts and the fertilizer will work quickly.

Cal-Mag is also always good to have on hand when growing in coco coir in case you start seeing deficiencies in your plant. Rather be safe than sorry!




This is one of the best companies for canna nutrients, they are also a company that knows the rules are meant to be bent. They are a great choice for those looking to grow in a hydroponic medium and are more advanced with growing formulas and are looking to experiment to find their own formula for canna nutrients.

Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Soil Combo Kit is a favorite for those who are more advanced and are looking for a solution for the entire growing experience. The best part about these formulas is the ability to adjust the calcium and nitrogen levels. This also means that this system is more suited to those who have the right knowledge and are looking to experiment with their canna nutrients to get the most desirable results.



This is the solution for those of you who want professional results without spending a ton of money. The best part about these fertilizers is the fact that you don’t have to mix multiple bottles, this combo gives your plants everything they need from the time they are a seedling all the way to the harvest stage. Dyna-Gro nutrients are suitable for any growing medium including soil, coco coir, or hydroponics.

We recommend using the Dyna-Gro Grow + Bloom. The combination is a very simple system as your use the “Grow” bottle for the vegetative stage and the “Bloom” system for the flowering stage, therefore the system is uncomplicated, I highly recommend these for those of you that are new to growing.

Last Tip:

It is always best to start at half the recommended strength when using the above nutrient systems. When you see your plant is looking paler or lime green, only then should you increase your nutrient levels. If you have a different kind of nutrient deficiency, chances are that it has been caused by the wrong pH and not by not enough nutrients.


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