The Different Growing Systems for Cannabis Plants

Are you looking to start growing cannabis and are not sure which growing system is best for you? In this article, we will break down the four different types of growing systems that are mostly used to grow cannabis plants. Since cannabis is becoming more popular it also is becoming more popular to grow your own cannabis plants from home. More people have been seeking out different growing methods to get the biggest and densest buds. We have made a list of some of the different systems that have become popular. All the cannabis growing systems we have mentioned below are suited for indoor and outdoor marijuana strains.


When growing cannabis in soil, there are many factors to consider to get an optimal yield. Soil is the most common method to grow marijuana as it is optimal for growing both indoors and outdoors. The benefit of soil is that there isn’t much preparation beforehand as most commercial soils you can buy are an effective growing system. Most of the commercial soils have everything in them already that your cannabis plant requires.

Soil is a great choice for beginner growers. This medium requires less maintenance and less accuracy with water pH levels. This will therefore increase your chances of growing a successful cannabis plant. Growing in soil is easy as there is a stable pH foundation already established and therefore there is no preparation necessary needed beforehand.

When considering the best soil to grow cannabis in, the one thing you’ll look for is if the soil has a light texture and a dark color. The soil must be able to enough water but at the same time, drains well. Adding perlite or vermiculite is a good idea to your soil mix if you are thinking of enhancing the soil’s drainage and water retention or if you’re going to add supplemental nutrients. These little rocks lighten the soil and add oxygen to the soil therefore increasing the overall drainage ability of your soil.


What is our favorite soil?

FoxF Farm Soil


For growing indoor cannabis we recommend, FoxFarm Ocean Forest Organic Potting Soil. This soil mix is light and aerated and ready to use right out of the bag. This mix also provides the ideal environment for your seedlings to grow into a thriving cannabis plant. This bag contains a blend of earthworm castings, crab meal, forest humus, and more which are all really good for healthy soil. These are great for your soil and is needed by a cannabis plant to thrive. This soil also contains many micro-nutrients needed for a plant to thrive.



If you are looking at growing in an outdoor environment or a garden. Generally, you would use the soil that is already available in the natural environment. Growing outdoors is a good idea as most soils are already full of life. As life is essential for good soil, your plants will thrive with little effort. If growing outdoors is your only option, we recommend purchasing some canna nutrients beforehand. These will ensure the soil has all the macro and micronutrients needed to achieve an optimal yield.



A lot of growers enjoy growing cannabis in a hydroponics system as it pushes your cannabis plants beyond their natural potential. This is also a more sustainable growing system for growing cannabis plants as it uses 90% less water and less space than soil.

This medium is a favorite for those who like to grow in a soilless environment. Soilless environments are very beneficial for a cannabis plant. When a plant is grown in soil, the roots are always searching for the necessary nutrition to sustain the plant. Without soil, the water used is providing all the nutrients, hydration, and oxygen for the plants.

When using a hydroponic system, your plant’s root system is exposed directly to the water and nutrients. As the plant is no longer constantly searching for nutrients, it doesn’t use any energy trying to sustain itself. This extra energy is then harnessed by the plant to grow and mature, this results in your leaves’ growth flourishing and of course, big dense buds.


What is our favorite Hydroponic system?

hydroponic Growing System

We recommend the VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Kit. VIVOSUN is one of the best choices of brands when it comes to growing marijuana all around. Their grow tents are a bestseller on Amazon and their hydroponic systems are world-class.

We love this system as it comes with an all-inclusive system with planting pipes, a water pump, and planting baskets. VIVOSUN has gone the extra mile and they have included a timed circulation system. This system allows the pump to work for 5 minutes every 30 minutes to reach the nutrient film technique.




Growing your cannabis in an aeroponics system is one of the fastest ways to grow your cannabis plant. This system works by suspending the plants in the air and uses nutrient-rich mist to apply nutrients to your plant. Aeroponics is also very environmentally friendly as it uses up to 95% less water than plants that are grown in soil. The plant’s nutrients are held in the water and therefore the nutrients get recycled too. Aeroponics is a popular method for those who are looking to cloning their existing cannabis plants.

There are also drawbacks to growing using an aeroponic system. If the growing system malfunctions, such as if the misters don’t spray every few minutes or the power goes out, you could lose your plant. You will have to make sure the nutrient concentration in the water is maintained within a certain range, if the nutrients drop, your plants will suffer. The misters will also need to be cleaned regularly to keep them from being clogged by the mineral deposits in the water.


Which aeroponic system do we recommend?


For those who are looking to start growing with an aeroponics system, we recommend CLONE KING 36 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine. This is an aeroponic system that has everything included. It includes a reservoir, misters, as well as spray heads. The only thing you will have to add is a light.

This system comes with some detailed instructions on what is the best way to clone your cannabis plant. Using this system, you will get consistent success for cloning.


This system is the least common growing system when it comes to growing cannabis. This system creates an ecosystem that combines growing plants in water and fish in tanks. The fish produce nutrients through their feces and their gills, these nutrients are then converted by bacteria into nutrients for your cannabis plants. The plant roots then help clean the water and then recirculate the water back into the fish tank. There is a lot of different fish to consider when you are deciding which best. Tilapia, koi, or goldfish are great choices as these fish can thrive in sub-optimal environments as well as can handle overcrowding.

Before you start growing your cannabis with an aquaponics system, you will have to consider how many fish will be an optimal amount for the system to work. You will need to keep testing the pH level of the water to make sure it is between 5.5 – 6.5, for the cannabis plant to thrive. The last thing you will have to grow enough of a bacteria colony to convert the nutrients produced by the fish into nutrients for the cannabis plants. This process can take a bit of time before you will be able to grow your cannabis plant and for your aquaponic system to be sustainable.

A major bonus is that this system is a sustainable way to grow your cannabis plant. This system also uses the least amount of technology and is a completely organic system. This system will take a bit of experimenting to sure you have the correct amount of fish. You will also have to get a good amount of bacteria as your cannabis plant is a lot more demanding than the typical vegetable or herb.


Our Favorite Aquaponics System

Aquaponics System


AquaSprouts Garden is a great system for those who are looking to get started with an aquaponics system. This system is fit for any standard 10-gallon aquarium and includes adjustable drain extenders for a quieter water flow. This is great for beginners as it is not over complicated and you will be able to clearly see that the ecosystem is balanced.


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