11 Important Essentials needed in your Grow Tent Accessories Kit

In order to have the best indoor grow tent set up, you will need to make sure you have all the grow tent accessories to grow the cleanest greens. When thinking of a grow tent and all the accessories needed, there are a few essentials that you will have to have. We have therefore made a list of the essentials needed so you can start growing the most high-quality marijuana plants.

1.Grow Lights

A grow light is vital for your grow tent as your marijuana plants will need a certain amount of light every day to grow. These are substitutes for actual sunshine and your plants will need them for photosynthesis to take place so they can grow into large plants. You will want to make sure you buy a grow light that has the full spectrum of lighting for the different stages of the growing process.

Blue light is better for the plant during the vegetative phase. This color helps the plant grow shorter stems and big leaves. In the flowering stage, a red light is optimal as this color encourages the plant to grow tall and helps with the budding of big buds.

Marijuana growing with a grow light



2.Light Timers

A cannabis plant is a very demanding plant and when it comes to lighting schedules, it is no different. This is why light timers are a must-have accessory for a grow tent set up. Light timers make it a lot easier for you as you don’t have to manually go and turn the light on and off. During the vegetative phase, the plant will require 18-24 hours of light. During the flowering stage, the plant will require 12 hours of light. Make sure you set the parameters correctly for the different growing stages to avoid adding extra stress to your plant.

Light Timer



3.Light Hangers

Light hangers are handy tools as it allows you to quickly raise and lower your grow lights and reflectors. These are must-haves for grow tent accessories as you will need to adjust the height at the different stages of the growing cycle. These are inexpensive tools that will help maximize your yield. Most grow lights come with these as extras.

Light Hanger



4.Oscillating Fans

Oscillating fans are a must-have item in your tent because they help keep the atmospheric conditions more consistent in your grow tent. A cannabis plant will absorb all the Co2 in the air around them in under 2 minutes without an oscillating fan. This helps your plant to breathe more and build stronger branches due to the wind-resistant development they will undergo. Make sure when you’re setting up the fan that it isn’t close enough to the plants that the wind it creates won’t disturb the plant too much. The fan must be in an optimal position to distribute wind evenly throughout the grow room.

Oscillating Fan



5.Carbon Dioxide Sources

This is not a necessity but supplying your plants with more carbon dioxide than what is naturally provided will make your plant grow 20% bigger. There are many different methods used to supply the extra Co2 to your plants. Many of the methods are very costly, especially if you are running a bigger operation. We recommend a small Co2 generator as these are very effective in helping to increase your yield. Place the tank outside of your tent and the tubes inside to provide optimum levels of carbon dioxide. 

Co2 Generator



6.Carbon Filters

A carbon filter helps filter the air within the tent and removes any odors the plant creates. This is an inexpensive must-have if you don’t want your whole room to smell like marijuana. A small 4-inch carbon filter will suffice and will filter the air well enough to remove some of the most pungent smells exhausted from an indoor grow room or hydroponic setup.

Carbon Filter



7.Vent Covers

Any intake ventilation holes that are in use must be covered. This is necessary to prevent dirt, dust, and insects that might be pulled into your tent through the intake ventilation holes. Vent covers are made of mesh screen fabrics and work as a dust cover. We recommend buying a vent cover to prevent any of these problems from occurring. When avoiding these issues, your plant can grow into a strong and healthy plant.

Vent Cover



8.Sticky Traps

This is another necessary, inexpensive measure, to help manage possible insect invasions. Sticky traps use colors to attract the insect and deter them from your plant. Adding a few sticky traps in your grow tent will help you monitor the insects that are trying to invade your tent. These help with the early detection and preventative measures can then be taken. Early detection is the key to saving your plants! Definitely inexpensive must-haves!

Sticky Trap



9.Trellis Netting

Trellis netting is used to help train your plants to grow in the direction that receives the most light. This is used as a technique to help spread your plant to grow as wide as possible to maximize the number of branches that grow and the number of buds to form. The netting also helps to support the plant and their big buds once flowering has begun. They are a great asset to have to maximize the growth potential of your plants.

trellis netting to help the marijuana grow.


These devices are important as they will tell you how hot and humid the air is. This is important to know as you wouldn’t want the air to be too hot and stale. You also wouldn’t want the air to be too humid as this will increase the risk of mold forming. A thermostat connected to the exhaust fan can help maintain a consistent atmosphere. The thermostat will trigger the exhaust fan when the temperature or humidity falls out of the desired range.




11.Drying Racks

For marijuana plants, it is important to dry them after harvest to best preserve their flavors and aromas. The buds you have harvested must be dried properly for the THC to be fully activated. Drying racks are great tools to help you as the plants can be hung right in the grow tent. Drying racks ensure that you will have the proper space for every bud to dry and are inexpensive must-haves!

Drying Rack


Grow Tent Accessories Kit


There is a lot to consider when you are looking at buying your grow tent accessories. All things considered, we would recommend the purchase of the iPower Inline Filter.

The iPower Inline Filter is an all in one grow tent accessory kit. This includes most of what you will need to get started with a professional grow tent set up.

If you are undecided which grow tent is best to go with your top quality grow tent accessories, make sure to check out our article on the best grow tents under $100 here!

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