Alternative Ways to Consume Marijuana

When it comes to cannabis consumption, people only have one or two preferred methods, and they tend to favor these methods in the long run when they consume marijuana. Smoking is one of the most common ways to consume marijuana. Smoking a joint, ripping a bong or the newer method of consuming marijuana through a THC-filled vape pen are the more common methods.

While these are popular, there are many ways to consume marijuana and each method provides a unique experience. If you find yourself looking to try out different methods and explore other ways to get you high, then this article is for you.


Smoking a joint in order to get high is one of the most popular ways to consume marijuana but this method can bring other problems because of the combustion that takes place. A more healthy alternative is that it can be vaporized at a much lower and less harmful temperature. This method is much easier on the lungs and gives the same effect as smoking your cannabis directly from a joint.

vaporizing ways to consume marijuana

The large tabletop vaporizers offer a high-quality vapor with advanced temperature settings and the much smaller or handheld devices allow you to enjoy your fair share of cannabis or oils on the go. A major plus side of this method is that it saves you marijuana as it takes less to give you the same high as smoking a whole joint. You can choose from a multitude of vaporizers out there if you need an effortless form of marijuana consumption.


Another way to consume marijuana other than smoking your cannabis products is to put it in food and bake it into delicious edibles such as brownies. This is becoming widely popular as one of the preferred ways to consume marijuana. When baking marijuana into edibles, it can be a very intense and long-lasting high, this is the reason that it is becoming more and more popular.


When you cook and eat food that contains marijuana, you are getting all the benefits that you would otherwise receive from smoking the products without the side effects that are caused by the smoke combustion. Although in the process of doing it, you will need to be extremely cautious about the overall dosage that you consume.

Many people enjoy it in the form of lemonades, baked goods, and even savory goods, it all depends on your taste. When you choose to consume marijuana in the form of edibles, you will need to be cautious and it is better to start with a small amount and give it time until you consume more as this method leads to a very intense high.

Ingestible oils


Ingestion of oils refers to any kind of cannabis-oriented concentrate that is taken orally. These come in the form of small doses of cannabis oil that can be encapsulated within a capsule. You can simply pop off the capsule to add the oil into any form of food or drink, or you can ingest the capsule with the help of water. Once again, make sure that you have calculated the dose that you ingest or how much THC is in the capsule.


Tinctures are the infused liquids that are able to extract the cannabis compounds using an alcohol-based soak, which is usually applied under your tongue. Unlike edible food sources and ingestible oils, the tinctures have one specific benefit, these can enter your bloodstream immediately. This allows for the fast action healing properties that marijuana has to help you as well as allowing you to have better control of the overall dosage.

Different flavors, potencies, and cannabinoid profiles are often available, these can help you create or come up with a unique mix of your own preferred taste and flavor. It also means that the combination of what you consume can be adjusted according to your specific medical needs.


Topical refers to a balm or lotion that is infused with a dedicated amount of marijuana. These can be applied directly to your skin for relieving pain and soreness on a specific part of your body as well as helping with inflammation. One great aspect about the use of topical is that it can help in the alleviation of the symptoms without any psychoactive effects taking place whatsoever.

If you are not looking to get high but rather get the healing effects that cannabis can offer, then topical application is the right method for you.


Dabbing is a method that involves dropping cannabis concentrates into a heated water-pipe attachment and then can be inhaled for intensely potent effects. The attachment is usually a glass or metallic nail that is heated up using a butane torch or using some other type of consistent flame that is focused on the glass to boil up the substance to a very high temperature for inhaling purposes.


The cannabis enthusiasts would go with dabbing as their favourite way to consume marijuana over the other methods mentioned here. The reason is that it allows them to control the concentration of marijuana they are going to inhale. It offers a smoother and clearer experience through and through. As opposed to producing the smoke, it produces vapor that is easier to consume providing you with a lossless consumption of the marijuana.

This method produces a very strong high and might not be something to try if you are a first-time user, this is a method for those who are able to hit large bong rips and can hold their high well.

Final thoughts

Instead of being stuck with using only a single method of consuming marijuana, you should explore all the different ways to consume marijuana. Any of the above-mentioned methods can be of great help to you if you specifically want to change the way you are consuming marijuana and taking in its beneficial effects.

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