CBD Benefits and Risks

Top 8 CBD Benefits and Risks

The non-psychoactive substance within the cannabis plant is taking the planet of well-being by storm and for a great reason. While far more is being studied about the plant, many recent studies on cannabidiol are linked to the power to effectively treat health problems like fibromyalgia, aging issues, menstrual cramps, and even anxiety and depression. …

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Medical Marijuana: The Pros and Cons

Medical Marijuana: The Pros and Cons

Marijuana is slowly being turned to for medicinal purposes around the globe. The continued legalization of this marijuana means that a lot more research is being done into whether this is a legit alternative to the more conventional medication that is currently being used. Marijuana can have many different effects on our bodies and brain. …

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Smoking vs Vaping

Vaping vs Smoking Weed

In this article, we have decided to do the ultimate vaping vs smoking weed comparison. We wanted to put them head to head to see which one is the superior method to enjoy your cannabis products. There has always been a big debate between those who smoke their weed and those who vape over the …

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