Top 4 Auto-Flowering Marijuana Strains for Sweet Tooths.

For any cannabis grower or user, marijuana is unique and fun in many different ways. While some enjoy the thrill and varying effects from smoking the herb, others are more intent on high amounts of THC in the bud. However, the most joy users enjoy from toking weed lies in its unique aromatic and taste profile. Smoking buds with rich aromas and flavors are bound to leave an impression on your experience from the resulting high.

Auto-flowering cannabis strains are the love of many commercial growers because they let you harvest sizeable yields in significantly lesser time. Autoflowers are easy to grow and require little fuss to produce great results. This feature means you can cycle more plants within a year; even with limited indoor grow space. When breeders combine the growth power of autos with the mesmerizing flavor profiles of carefully selected parent strains, what you get are varieties designed to take over your taste buds. From the taste of tropical fruit to exotic spices cheese and even cookies, there’s something for everyone to like.

Have you ever wondered why a particular strain tastes very differently in contrast to anything you’ve ever smoked? We have too.

What Makes Cannabis Taste Sweet, Spicy, fruity and more?

There’s some interesting chemistry that involves flavonoids and terpenes; two major compounds produced by the cannabis plant after THC and CBD.

Flavonoids help the taste buds in precisely distinguishing flavor qualities of the plant. We regularly taste flavors of berries, mint, citrus, pine, and other exotic fruits when inhaling or vaping cannabis. The many flavonoids in the buds are responsible for the plant’s distinctive flavors.

Terpenes are secreted fragrant oils that determine the unique aromatic signatures we smell with weed. Common examples of cannabis terpenes are caryophyllene (peppery, spicy smell), pinene (pines), ocimene (minty scents), and terpinolene (fruity, exotic aromas).

Our Four Favourite Sweet Auto-Flowering Cannabis Strains

This list is strictly for the sweetest tasting auto cannabis strains. They have continuously tantalized taste buds over many years and are voted winners in cannabis competitions. If you want sweet marijuana, and you want it fast, our top 4 auto-flowering strains with tasty twists are what you need.

Auto Bluberry

Auto Blueberry is the result of crossing the delicious Sativa strain Berry with a high-performing ruderalis to produce a tasty gem. This particular variety is quite easy to grow and beginners will find the plant relatively easy to manage. Among other auto-flowering varieties, this species holds its own with a growth period of only 10 weeks from seed to harvest. The airy buds grow olive green with thin orange hairs and a heavy coating of crystal white trichomes.

Auto-flowering Blueberry

Although the Auto Blueberry holds a modest 15% THC level, the buds are choke-full of enticing flavors that make the resulting high sink deep into your system. Smoking this flower will introduce you to the mouthwatering taste of sweet blueberry mixed with spices and woody undertones. The heady flavors are complimented by equally stimulating aromas of fresh earth for an uplifting, energetic stone that leaves you floating in the clouds.

Auto Orange Bud

Auto Orange Bud

Auto Orange Bud is a peerless cannabis strain from the stables of Dutch Passion. This auto-flowering variety comes from crossing a male Auto Daiquiri Lime with an Original Orange Bud mother. The result is a knockout strain that packs the flavors of the photoperiod Orange Bud with the vigorous growth of auto varieties. This impressive cultivar is the work of many years spent crossing and back-crossing to get the best, most stable version of this particular marijuana species.

The rich flavors in Auto Orange Bud are like nothing you’ve ever tasted. The Sativa dominant genetics give it a potent high that’s accompanied by intense aromas of fruity lemon and fresh sour oranges. The taste also carries heavy hints of fresh sweet citrus for an uplifting, euphoric effect that starts from the head and spreads all over the body. With up to 23% THC levels, this auto strain will lure you in with its sweet but potent notes.

Purple Lemonade Auto

Purple Lemonade Auto is among the prettiest cannabis strains you’ll encounter. Its uniquely pink colas bring a pleasant feeling of color to any grow room. With parent genetics from Purple and Citrus Cali its no wonder why this is one of the sweetest indica dominant species on our list. With just 9 weeks of growth from seed to flowering, this auto-flowering strain delivers sensible yields with high THC values.

Perhaps the only thing better than the impressive growth profile of Purple Lemonade Auto is its delicious blend of flavors and aromas designed to thrill your senses. The buds are loaded with tantalizing terpenes and mouthwatering flavors that remind you of sweet citrus, exotic spices and contrasting sour notes. With a recorded 22% THC content, this auto strain will have you locked in your couch from its deeply satisfying stone. It’s just perfect for nighttime, lifting the mood, and relaxing strained muscles.

Sugar Black Rose Auto

When you combine two high-performing cannabis genetics with tasty origins, what you get is a super sweet delight like Sugar Black Rose Auto. This is a hybrid strain that displays Indica dominance (80% Indica, 20% Sativa) from both parents: Critical Bilbo Auto X Black Domina Auto. When grown indoors, the plant will stay compact (around the 100cm mark) and grow a large central cola with supporting lateral branches. As a true auto-flowering strain, growing time takes about 50 days from seed to harvest.

Sugar Black Rose Auto is surely a catchy name. But this marijuana strain more than lives up to the hype with a rare combination of delicious tastes and equally pleasant smells. Inhaling the flower floods your senses with the heady scents of sweet fruits, fresh lemon, and earthy notes. The 18% THC smoke coats your tongue with flavors of exotic fruits, fresh flowers, and something that can be described as toasted sugary earth. You only need to take a whiff to realize what you’ve been missing out on.

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